Altoids Watercolor Pallet

Altoids Watercolor Pallet

The Altoids tin is clipped onto my watercolor block using a large binder clip. The mixing area on the lid of the Altoids tin is the top of a cottage cheese lid. The metal trays are Almay empty eye shadow tins on top of a refrigerator magnet (magnet is glued to the base of Altoids tin). The metal trays can be removed at anytime to be rearranged, or exchanged for other colors. I use a Medium Sakura Koi Water Brush as my only paintbrush and water source. This brush can be filled with water at home and never leaks. I use a medium size syringe from a drugstore to fill the brush handle with water when refilling on sight. In one painting session, I only need to fill up the brush with water one time.

Color, Transparent/Staining/Granulation, Color Temperature, Manufacture

1. Aureolin – Transparent/Staining – Cool yellow – Winsor & Newton

2. Gamboge – Transparent/Staining – Warm yellow – M. Graham & Co.

3. Quinacridone Rose – Transparent/Staining – Cool red – M. Graham Co.

4. Quinacridone Gold – Transparent/Staining – Neutral/earthy yellow -M. Graham Co.

5. Quinacridone Rust – Transparent/Staining – Warm Red -This color is used the most! It’s transparent and mixed with all the colors to created a variety of earth tones. – M. Graham & Co.

6. Sap Green – Transparent/Granulation – Warm Green – M. Graham & Co.

7. Raw Umber – Transparent/Granulation – Cool Brown – M. Graham & Co.

8. Ultramarine Blue – Transparent/Granulation – Warm Blue – Neutral/early blue – M. Graham & Co.

Altoids Watercolor Pallet

I was very intentional about the chemical makeup of each watercolor paint used. All paints are Transparent allowing for endless mixtures without making my paintings muddy. Only three paints are Granulation as oppose to Staining, so I don’t use these colors as much for mixing. I use them for thin washes instead. The pigment can sit on top of the 140lbs Cold Press Watercolor Blocks making light bounce off the paper instead of the pigment being absorb into the paper. I’ve consider replacing these colors with Phthalocyanine Green and Phthalocyanine Blue Red Shade (Transparent/Staining – M. Graham & Co.).

IMAG5234 IMAG5238-2 IMAG5559-2 IMAG5681-2 IMG_2119

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